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Cheat Without Cheating

Find out if an open relationship is right for you

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  • 3. Do you get jealous?

    Look, jealousy is normal. When you have feelings for somebody, it can be difficult not to get a little stressed out when he or she is flirting with another person. However, if you can't look past jealousy and be comfortable with it, then polyamory probably isn't for you. This isn't to say that polyamorous people are somehow immune to jealousy, "But when jealously does occur, it's discussed," according to Bjarne Holmes, a psychologist at Champlain College, in this Live Science article. "The person feeling jealous is encouraged to examine their own psyche to find out what's bothering them and which of their needs aren't being met. Then the pair (or triad, or quad) can negotiate boundaries."

    4. Are you possessive?

    Being possessive is never really a positive thing — unless both parties are consensual about it, such as in a BDSM relationship — but in a polyamorous relationship, it can be especially stressful. If you've caught yourself getting more than jealous, but downright angry when your significant other flirts with someone else, than polyamory might not be a good fit.

Cheat Without Cheating
Find out if an open relationship is right for you
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