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The Couple Who Medicates Together

Could a pill be the key to marital bliss?

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    There's your college friend, years on an antidepressant to fend off funks, who finally persuaded her jittery, stock-junkie husband to start popping the same pill; no longer reading investment reports through the night, he's up early now to make the kids breakfast and let her sleep in for a change. And there's your neighbor who confides that Prozac saved his marriage: His wife told him she'd file for divorce if he didn't get on an antidepressant—she'd had it with his self-obsessed grumpiness (apparently not relieved by three years of therapy). So far—knock wood—so good. The guy, eyes wide with wonder, says he's definitely mellower and more engaged with his wife and kids: "Just wish I'd done it sooner."

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    Then there are those seemingly sane, high-functioning women who mention casually—driving to meet clients, packing up after spin class—that they're taking Paxil, Zoloft, Viibryd, or another popular SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). On these triumphantly named meds, they say, they're better equipped to handle full-to-bursting days: They sleep more soundly, stew less, and—big boon to those around them—just don't get overwhelmed, blow up, go global with the negativity like they used to.

The Couple Who Medicates Together
Could a pill be the key to marital bliss?
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