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Date Expectations

Why Dating at 40 is Fabulous

While we have more energy and a culturally-accepted excuse to be a little crazy in our twenties, dating later in life comes with some pretty great perks — one of which is that we get to actually date men instead of boys. We loved this list defining why 40 is a fabulous age to look for love. —Glo

By YourTango

1. You Learn To Appreciate Your Body. At 26, I was a sexy size eight. (I also had the metabolism of a 26-year-old, which was the main reason I was a size eight.) At 36, I was a size 14. But at 40, an age when a lot of people just naturally slow down, I trimmed down to a size 10/12. Why? Because I stopped taking my body for granted. You won't see us forty-somethings bathing in the sun or out boozing until 3 a.m. and looking haggard for two days after. We moisturize. We drink less. We eat better than we did in our twenties and thirties, because we know the benefits.

2. You Learn to Appreciate Life Itself More. The older we get, the more likely it is that we'll lose people close to us. Nothing makes you realize how life can change in an instant like an unexpected loss.

3.You Learn to Value Sex More. We've had the flings and the one-night stands. We've had the hot three-times-a-night sessions. But by 40, we've been around the block enough to learn how great sex is — how much better it is — when you're having it with someone you trust and respect. We no longer feel compelled to screw someone just because they make us feel pretty.

4. You Learn To Value Your Time More. At 26, I didn't care about staying out 'til 2 a.m. Now? I can't be bothered. And I wouldn't want to give up a full day to couch-lounging either. I have errands to do, exercise to do, stuff to do.

5. People Expect You To Look Great at 30. This one is self-explanatory. Anybody can look hot at 25-30. When we look great at 40, we exceed expectations.

6. You Can Spot The Toxic Bachelorettes. Been there, done that. No more faux friendships with women who wear you down with their drama and self-created problems. If you're dealing with these friends at 40, get rid of them. They'll only drag you down.

7.You're Okay With Being Alone. No more dating men who are "eh." No more drama. No more frustrations. You are perfectly content having a date with Netflix. You don't feel pressured to be out just because it's a Friday night and Friday night is "date night."

8. You've Figured Out Your Issues. Or at least, you should have by now. You've taken a look back and done some cross-checking to determine what mistakes you made and why. You've moved the baggage of your twenties and thirties from that huge suitcase to a nice, compact overnight bag.

9. You Value Marriage & Commitment More. My belief is that if you work harder to get or prepare for something, you value it more when you do get it.

10. You're More In Control. Let's face it: At 25 (or even 35) you're still kinda flying blind a bit when it comes to sex and dating. You're still living in a state of confusion about what the other person is thinking. By 40, you can figure it out on your own. You know the signs.

11. You're Sexier Because You Own It. We are comfortable in our skin, know our way around the bedroom and don't need to seek anyone's approval anymore.


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  • Dating later in life can be just as exhilarating as dating when you're younger.

Date Expectations
Why Dating at 40 is Fabulous
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