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Do You Need To Get Over Yourself?

Signs You Need To Stop Complaining And Make A Change

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    We're all for throwing a pity party on special occasions, like after a particularly tough breakup or when a co-worker gets promoted over you. But dragging out a woe-is-me attitude can start to drain you—and others. If you find yourself unable to stop grumbling about how nothing is going your way, then it may be time to get over yourself, says Paula Renaye, author of The Hardline Self Help Handbook. Here are four key signs that you need to stop your whining—along with Renaye's tough love advice on how to buck up and take charge of your own happiness.

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    1. You convince yourself that you're powerless.

    If your favorite mantra is I just don't know what to do, then you probably do know what to do—you just don't want to do it, says Renaye. "If you're in a relationship that's in constant turmoil, for example, you already know you need to get out of it," she explains. "Ask yourself: Would a person with high self-esteem and self-respect do what I'm doing? Think what I'm thinking? Tolerate what I'm tolerating? If the answer is no, then it's time to take action."

    Renaye says that some people also find fault in potential solutions for fixing their problems and might even give excuses as to why suggestions from other people can't work. "If this sounds like you, what you really want is a magic wand to fix things without making any changes in your life," she says.

Do You Need To Get Over Yourself?
Signs You Need To Stop Complaining And Make A Change
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