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Don't Get Lost in Transition

How to Handle Big Life Changes as a Couple

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  • One of you has an affair.

    "Infidelity represents a breach of trust," says Córdova. "You enter into a relationship having given each other the gift of your trust, so when an affair is discovered, it's usually the lying and deceit that is most damaging to the relationship."

    If you choose to stay together, then know that the road to recovery will be long, and that you can't expect a quick repair. "Trust is very hard to rebuild; it can take years to get to the point where it feels easy," says Córdova. Enlist social support from family and friends who are sympathetic to both sides. Counseling is also important. "Good therapy can make a significant difference; the earlier you go, the better chance you have of working through early feelings of anger," he adds. A marriage therapist can help you sort through the issues that may have led to the affair, and move you slowly in the direction of forgiveness.

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Don't Get Lost in Transition
How to Handle Big Life Changes as a Couple
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