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Forget Me Not

Eight Ways To Make A Lasting Impression

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  • Sally's impression on Harry led to love. (Columbia Pictures/Photofest)

    You don't have to be the smartest, wittiest or most attractive person in the room to make your mark. While some people naturally exude qualities that help them stand out in a crowd, making an impact on someone is a learnable skill. From lightening the mood to knowing when to duck out of a conversation, these eight tips will bring your networking skills to another level.

    1. Be pleasant and full of praise.

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    Whether you're making connections at a conference or meeting colleagues from other departments, one of the best ways to get people to remember you is to turn on the charm. "When you make someone laugh, feel happy or admired, they naturally reciprocate those feelings toward you," says psychologist Anne Demarais, founder of behavioral coaching company First Impressions. For example, when you give someone you've just met a genuine compliment, they'll likely internalize those positive feelings in relation to you.

    But it's not enough to just be flattering—you need to exude an affable aura in order to be perceived as sincere. "To inject feel-good vibes into a room or conversation, just use your best positivity-relaying attribute," says executive coach Gina Rudan, president of Genuine Insights, a professional development practice. "That could be your smile, innate optimism or sense of humor," she adds. However, don't force it and try to be something you're not—including funny. "Nothing leaves a bad taste in people's mouths like an accidentally insulting joke or string of bad puns," she adds.

    And remember, even if the food is bad or the weather is poor, don't complain. You'll only end up killing the mood and looking like a Debbie Downer.

Forget Me Not
Eight Ways To Make A Lasting Impression
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