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Forget Me Not

Eight Ways To Make A Lasting Impression

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  • 3. Dress to make the right impression.

    Though a person's opinion of you isn't cemented the first time they see you (that usually happens at the end of a first interaction), "the way you're dressed or made up certainly tells a story about you," says Demarais. If you want your impression to end with a happy ending, then express yourself through your clothing while also adhering to what's appropriate for the situation. After all, not only can a bit of personal flair (in the form of, say, a statement-making scarf) be a great conversation starter, but also, displaying a hint of style can affect how you carry yourself.

    "When you feel good about what you're wearing, you're less self-monitoring, which allows you to focus on making connections with others," Demarais says. If you're ever uncertain about what attire is suitable for an occasion, then do a little research (for example, you can call a restaurant to inquire about the dress code or ask the bride what type of wedding she's having), so the room will peg you as smart, creative and savvy before you've even said a word.

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Forget Me Not
Eight Ways To Make A Lasting Impression
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