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Getting Over Post-Wedding Jitters

How to conquer your ten biggest marriage fears

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  • 8. "Money problems will ruin us."

    Whether you have to get through a job layoff or a lottery win, big financial changes can strain a relationship, says Dr. Tessina. “When your partnership extends to making smooth financial decisions and meeting money goals without arguing, however, everything else you do becomes less stressful," she adds. If you haven't done so already, sit down together with pen and paper (or spreadsheet) and create a joint budget, says Dr. Greer. Plus, allocate individual money for each of you to spend or save as you wish.

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    9. "I'll never be first in his life."

    Whether it's his friends, job, parents or favorite sport, you might feel like you're sitting on the sidelines. Don't dismiss that, says Dr. Tessina. "If you feel you're not getting enough of his time and attention, present that to him as a problem to solve." Try: "I miss you and would like us to spend more time together." If he's caring for an ailing mother or working on a critical project, though, show some patience and understanding, just as you'd expect him to do for you.

Getting Over Post-Wedding Jitters
How to conquer your ten biggest marriage fears
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