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Go For It

How To Take A Leap Of Faith

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  • Seek Support From Your Buddies (And Beyond!)

    Be sure to keep your trusted circle of friends and family members in the loop, and tell them that you may need someone to lean on if you decide to go through with your big change.

    You may also want to talk to a friend whose judgment you trust to "help you see the issue from many different sides and help you clarify issues," says Ritvo. "He or she may think of things you didn't consider." She also suggests talking with therapist and religious counselors, who can provide a safe place to explore your feelings about a change, as they've seen many others go through similar transitions. Business consultants, accountants, divorce attorneys, nutritionists, books and related websites can all offer expert advice in their field of expertise. "An informed decision is the best decision!"

    It may also help to talk to someone who's made a similar life change. "There is no substitute for experience," says Ritvo. "Find someone who you admire and trust. Then confide in them about the choices you are facing. Their knowledge can guide you and help you avoid common mistakes." If you are considering a divorce, she advises talking with women who have already traveled down that path. Or, if you are thinking about starting your own business, she says you might want to join a group of women entrepreneurs. "Social support is vital, especially at times when we are a bit needier."

Go For It
How To Take A Leap Of Faith
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