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Go For It

How To Take A Leap Of Faith

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  • Weigh Your Options… Then Sleep On 'Em

    Write out the pros and cons of taking your leap, and then consider each list in the bright light of day. "When trying to decide if a big change is right for you, you can't be entirely emotional," says Ritvo. "You have to be analytical, too, striking a balance between what your gut is telling you and what is possible. Big changes must be thought through and acted on carefully. Rarely is rushing a major decision in our best interest in the long run."

    Don't be too hasty in making your final decision. "Tell yourself you'll give it 24 hours and a good night's sleep before you make any big changes," says Ritvo. "Only then can you carry out your decision in a more thoughtful way. Big decisions may take a lot longer than 24 hours, so don't rush yourself. Also, things look very different at different times of the day."

Go For It
How To Take A Leap Of Faith
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