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Good Behavior

Easy ways to break ten common bad habits

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  • 4. Sleeping in Your Makeup

    You're just so tired by the time you go to bed, you can't even think about scrubbing your face. Keep cosmetic-remover wipes on your nightstand, so you can at least wipe off your makeup before you hit the hay, says Yael Varnado, MD, who answers health questions at AskDoctorV.com. Or create a bedtime ritual of using a face-washing product and moisturizer you love while soothing music plays. Need more motivation to remove makeup at night? Sleeping with it on can cause acne and wrinkles, because it dries out skin around your eyes.

    5. Interrupting

    You're eager to share your thoughts, but if someone else is speaking, you've got to bite your tongue (unless you want people to think you're rude!). Focus on listening, says Dr. Varnado. The more intently you hear someone out, the less you'll feel the urge to interject. "If the speaker pauses to take a breath or collect his thoughts, don't use that as a window to speak," she adds. Instead, breathe deeply, count to ten in your head and reflect on what the speaker said. You might also ask a pal to tactfully remind you of your goal when you lapse and celebrate your successes with you.

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Good Behavior
Easy ways to break ten common bad habits
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