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How I Make My Marriage Work

Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss

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  • "I vacation by myself."

    Krasnow, who's also a journalism professor at American University in Washington, D.C., has spent the last ten summer vacations apart from her husband. When the couple's four boys were younger, she was a counselor at the summer camp they went to, leaving her husband, Chuck, home alone and building furniture in his workshop. "He doesn't like summer camp, and I love it—the trees, the hiking, the crisp mountain air," she says. Krasnow believes most women would benefit from following their own passions, even if those interests take them away from their husbands for short periods of time. "It drives me crazy when someone says, 'Oh, I'd love to go to the Greek Islands, but my husband doesn't want to.' I always say, 'Go! It's OK to vacation by yourself.'"

    In fact, for the past two summers, Krasnow has traveled to the West Coast for a three-week writer's retreat, and cherished the time she spent alone. "I actually believe that aloneness can enhance true intimacy with another, because you get to know yourself better," she says. "Self-exploration leads to growth for you, and that renewal fuels the growth of your marriage." Don't have three weeks? Take a three-day getaway with your girlfriends or a daytrip to a museum or nearby town that you've always wanted to see. You'll be fulfilled, your husband won't be cranky about having to go somewhere he doesn't want to, and you'll both have something new to share when you get home.

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How I Make My Marriage Work
Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss
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