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How I Make My Marriage Work

Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss

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  • "We have our own bedrooms."

    Susan Schenck, 55, has been with her husband for 17 years—and has happily had her own bedroom for 16. The main reason? The couple couldn't be more opposite when it comes to their sleep habits. "He snores while I toss and turn, so we disrupt each other's sleep," says Schnek. "He also requires a soft mattress due to a back injury and, to me, it feels like we're sleeping on a marshmallow! Plus, we go to bed and get up at completely different times; I like being able to read in bed at night, and the light would disturb him."

    Schnek says that if they didn't have separate bedrooms, then their relationship would suffer. "If we don't get enough sleep, then we're cranky, and we fight a lot more often," she says. And the arrangement actually adds an element of spice to their marriage. "It's exciting when he sneaks in my room to cuddle at night," she says. "And since we cuddle less than we would if we slept together, we appreciate it more—it's sweeter." If your hubby's snoring, tossing and turning, sleeping odd hours or doing any other disturbing habit that's keeping you from catching some much-needed zzz's, then why not camp out in the guest room a couple nights a week? You may find that when you're well rested, you're also a much happier wife.

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How I Make My Marriage Work
Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss
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