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How I Make My Marriage Work

Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss

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  • "We live in two different houses in the same neighborhood."

    When 39-year-old therapist Lisa Haisha got engaged to her now-husband, they began looking for a house together. "We found one that we loved, bought it, and I began moving my stuff in," she says. But the couple soon realized that the house was much smaller than it looked. By the time Haisha had finished moving in, there was no room left for her husband's belongings. "I had been looking for a place to hold workshops, so we decided that this house would be perfect—it could be both my home and office."

    Her Hollywood producer husband moved into his own house four blocks away, and the two see each other nearly every night and on weekends, and spend the night together about once a week. "We hang out at my house or his house, and we value quality," she says. The two also have a 3-year-old daughter who lives at Lisa's house. "Traditional marriage doesn't work for us," she says. "We're very independent people, but we always have each others' backs." While you might not be able to run out and buy your own house, you and your husband can still carve out your own personal spaces—even if it's just an armchair in the corner of your bedroom where you can curl up with a good book.

How I Make My Marriage Work
Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss
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