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How I Make My Marriage Work

Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss

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  • "I have a cyber husband."

    Think one husband is too much to deal with? Try two. Rita Snyder*, 46, married her real-life husband a year ago, and is marrying her online boyfriend in Utherverse, a virtual online world similar to Second Life, this month. "I met [my online boyfriend] last fall, and we instantly had great chemistry," she says. "He's like a best friend who is always there when I need somebody to talk to. He makes me feel good and lifts my mood, which carries over into my real life."

    Even so, Snyder doesn't see him as a threat to her real relationship. "My real-life husband is the greatest ever," she says. "He knows I only want him, and I do, in real life." The appeal of the cyber husband is that she gets to have a fantasy relationship with another man. They discuss real-life emotions in Internet chats and have a bond, which they don't have to worry about turning physical, since it all takes place online. One of the reasons her husband supports her online marriage is that he also plays the online game and has a cyber spouse. "We have complete trust in each other, and also have fun talking about the game and the people we encounter," she says. "I feel like I have the best of both worlds, and am so lucky to have met them and have each of them in my life."

How I Make My Marriage Work
Six Women Share Unexpected Secrets To Wedded Bliss
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