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Beat the 9-to-5 Blues

Tips to help you rekindle the passion—between you and your job

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  • Use Your Vacay Days

    Unlike Europeans, who get and take approximately 30 vacation days each year, the average American gets only 12 days off annually. But here's the (even crazier) thing: Most of us use only 10 of them. Stop letting them expire! Trips and staycations keep you motivated and happy by giving you something to look forward to. And spending time outside the office helps you recharge, so you will have more of a spring in your step when you return to work.

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    Work on Yourself Outside Work

    No matter how soul-crushingly bad things are at the office, remember this: You are not your job. Develop interests outside work. Make art, tutor a child, learn a language, train for a 5K, or do whatever else you find interesting and satisfying. Not only will you feel more fulfilled personally, but you'll also rack up some experiences—the thrill of crossing a finish line, the excitement of teaching somebody something—that may even make you feel more confident (and motivated!) at work.

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Beat the 9-to-5 Blues
Tips to help you rekindle the passion—between you and your job
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