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How to Have a Flirtationship

Keep things innocent with these five must-follow tips

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    If you're coupled off, then having a guy ally to innocently flirt with at the office can help you get through the workweek. And if you're flying solo, then a platonic pal can boost your confidence and keep you on your game. But maintaining a truly innocuous relationship with the opposite sex isn't always easy. To help, here are six expert tips on how to have a playful—yet totally harmless—flirtationship, without things getting awkward.

    1. Don't make the relationship sexual.

    To make sure things stay playful and fun without veering into sexual territory, keep your actions in check. April Beyer, host of VH1's Making Mr. Right, suggests never talking about sex or making your banter sexual. She also warns against making plans to go out after work, which could make it more tempting for either or both of you to take the relationship past the friendly flirting zone.

    To keep things tame, relationship expert and dating coach Adam LoDolce, advises against breaking the "touch barrier." "Flirt with your words," he says. "The moment you start touching each other, you're getting into the 'intimacy zone.'"

How to Have a Flirtationship
Keep things innocent with these five must-follow tips
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