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How to Have a Flirtationship

Keep things innocent with these five must-follow tips

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  • 4. Be honest with yourself about your intentions.

    If you decide to enter into a flirtationship while you're in a relationship—or you become attached while you're in a flirtationship and want that flirting to continue—you should really think about why you're so attached to your supposedly innocent flirt buddy, Beyer says. "If the flirting relationship is so important that you feel like you have to tell your significant other, then you might not be flirting in an innocent way," she says. "There could be something missing in your current relationship."

    LoDolce says that this situation reminds him of how Pam and Jim in The Office got together: First, they were both in relationships, then they had a flirtationship, and then they got married. "I know it's a television show, but the reason why they are one of the most beloved couples on TV is because most people can relate to this scenario," he says. "If you're feeling a heavy need to flirt, then you may want to take a closer look at what's happening within your relationship rather than focusing that flirtatious energy outward. We all know exactly what that can lead to..."

How to Have a Flirtationship
Keep things innocent with these five must-follow tips
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