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9 to 5 Flirtation

How to have a work "husband"—without crossing the line

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  • 3. What should you do if you tell your partner, and he's jealous?

    "It's normal for your partner to feel jealous if they are sensing a tight bond," says Dr. Jenn. "Ask what you can do to make them more comfortable... If your partner says, 'Hey look, I'm not comfortable with you having drinks with this person,' then perhaps lunch is a reasonable solution. Or they may prefer if you keep conversations to daytime, not late at night." Dr. Jenn says that these are reasonable requests. "I think it's about respecting boundaries," she says. Adds Dr. Walsh: "You have to have clear boundaries and be sure your work wife or husband knows not to cross any lines."

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    4. What if the tables are reversed?

    If your significant other has a lady in his office who acts as his "work wife," and he has failed to tell you about her and gets defensive if and when you find out, it's important not to sensationalize it, but to talk to him in a calm, rational way. Dr. Jenn suggests saying something like, "Hey, let's talk about what I may have said or done that left you feeling like you couldn't tell me the truth about the situation." She reminds us, "It's not about pointing fingers. Instead, it's about 'what can we do to make the relationship stronger?'"

9 to 5 Flirtation
How to have a work "husband"—without crossing the line
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