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Is He "The One"?

Bravo's New "Love Broker" Shares Her Secrets

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  • Should you give someone a second chance even if there was no chemistry on the first date?

    Yes, 100 percent. I have six best friends—whom I've known since I was in kindergarten—and we are all married now. I asked every single one of them, "Did you know right away that he was the one?" They all said, "No way!" When I met my husband, I thought, "He's cute and he's sweet, but no," and we've been together for 12 years. Love is an evolution; it takes time.

    I always say that you should go out with someone more than once, because you're not always yourself on a first date. I have a friend who's been married for 16 years and met her husband in dental school. The first time they went out, she said that he was too busy talking, that he didn't order her a drink, he didn't offer her food, nothing. She found out after the date that he'd been really nervous, so she went out with him again, almost as a pity date. When she gave him a second chance, she realized that he is the most generous, giving, kind man.

Is He "The One"?
Bravo's New "Love Broker" Shares Her Secrets
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