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Is He "The One"?

Bravo's New "Love Broker" Shares Her Secrets

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  • What prevents people from finding love?

    Many people spend a lot of time prejudging and not fully listening or being present—they'll misread and misunderstand a potential partner. People constantly make judgments like He reminded me of someone I didn't like, so I don't like him.

    Also, I think sometimes people are afraid because, when you connect with someone, everything from your past comes up. When you're truly vulnerable, the relationship becomes a place for you to heal childhood wounds, or anything that has ever happened in your past. You might think, Love is great—it's going to solve all the problems! But, no, love is such a huge process—and it's so much work. Being in a relationship is the hardest thing in the whole world, because you're constantly having to work on yourself.

    Is there any way to prepare for this?

    You have to face the fear of rejection. No one is going to find acceptance and love if they don't deal with rejection. People give up too easily. If you lose your job, then are you going to look for another one? Of course! You're going to put your resume online, go on interviews, go on LinkedIn. It's no different with dating. You have to stare fear in the face by saying It's going to happen and by putting yourself out there. You have to get in the game, deal with the ups, deal with the downs, and have realistic expectations.

Is He "The One"?
Bravo's New "Love Broker" Shares Her Secrets
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