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Is He "The One"?

Bravo's New "Love Broker" Shares Her Secrets

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  • Once you're in a relationship, how can you really appreciate the love you have?

    Be present. When you're present, you appreciate the little things: that email, that call, that hug, when you're leaving for work and your partner says, Wait! Let me give you a kiss goodbye!

    I have a friend who told me, "I bought a card for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, but he didn't give me one so I'm not giving it to him," and I asked her Why not? A relationship is not always an equal playing field—you can't look at it like that. Maybe someone never got cards from his mom or dad, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to hug you and hold you and kiss you better than anyone else does. Everyone shows love differently.

    At the end of the day, if you expect the whole world, then you should be willing to give the whole world. And the expectations should always be on the table: If you got into a relationship knowing that your partner is going to be traveling 50 percent of the time, then don't hold that against him. You have to accept it, embrace it. Remember why you are in the relationship in the first place. Don't resent someone for the reason you fell in love with him.

Is He "The One"?
Bravo's New "Love Broker" Shares Her Secrets
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