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Confessions of a Platonic Best Pal

From friends, to "more than friends," to more than "just friends"

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  • Actually, I adore the idea of every man I know being secretly in love with me. Why stop with only men that I know? Every man I meet! Every man I haven't yet met! Yes! I am irresistible, I am catnip, I am Passion Incarnate.

    (Yeah, right . . . )

    Objectively, I know Daniel is good-looking. (And he compliments me when he thinks I look attractive—though he's equally comfortable telling me I look terrible.) Subjectively, we lack chemistry. What that means, for me, is that the people I want in my life are loving, supportive, kind, smart and funny. I want all that—plus chemistry—in a romantic partner. I wonder if that isn't asking for too much.

    Some people seem to think that you can only have one special person in your life. If it's your husband, then it can't be your best (male) friend. To me, that's like worrying you won't love a new baby if you already have one. Don't people recognize that the heart expands when it needs to? As there are infinite varieties of love, so too can we love more than one child, one man, one friend. Yes, being in love with more than one man might be problematic, but that's not what I'm talking about here. My male best friend isn't a threat to any potential lover/partner/husband.

Confessions of a Platonic Best Pal
From friends, to "more than friends," to more than "just friends"
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