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Golden Roommates

Why Older Women are Coupling Up with Their BFfs

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  • "I can't see how men can do what we're doing," says Woltman, the mother of two sons. "It just takes such a range of emotions that men don't have an easy time dealing with."

    Just because Woltman and Hoffman are happily single now doesn't preclude the possibility that either one may fall in love again at some point in the future. "I'm open to it," says Woltman, although she notes that Hoffman leans more toward staying single.

    "This is where I'll probably end up," says Hoffman. "This is the place I want to live."

    However, even if Woltman does find a partner, she doesn't ever want to give up the space that she and Hoffman share. "I see myself having this place until the very end," says Woltman. "Even if I met someone romantically, I would never sell out of the partnership I have with Tricia."

    "One of us will eventually go," says Hoffman. "But right now, I don't think about it. I'm just happy where I am."

Golden Roommates
Why Older Women are Coupling Up with Their BFfs
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