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Why He's Afraid to Say "I Do"

8 things that terrify men when it comes to marriage

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  • 4. You'll use the bathroom with the door open.

    Sounds silly, but this is a real concern for many men. Why? Without boundaries, he may start feeling like you and him are the same person, explains Goldstein. Nate from New York City says that he and his wife have made an effort to keep trips to the bathroom separate throughout their relationship. “You already live together—no one longs to be invited in while you grace the porcelain throne." As Goldstein points out, "Closing the bathroom door can help you still feel like two separate people." And it's worth the work to keep the allure, she adds.

    5. The sex will stop.

    "How do you get a woman to stop having sex? Marry her," jokes Dr. Sherman. Although marriage offers security, trust and a deep connection, the downside is it can make you lazy. Keith from Oklahoma City, OK, assumed sex would end because "I couldn't imagine my parents or grandparents doing it," he says. But he learned after a decade of marriage there's no reason not to make love. "If you're truly committed to making each other happy, sex is how you reward your spouse for putting in effort," he says. But what if you're exhausted? Dr. Sherman suggests getting your husband's help with chores by asking him to pitch in when you need him and offering positive reinforcement (hugs, kisses and gratitude) when he helps. Or try being direct with him: "If you give me a hand, we'll have more time for sex," suggests Dr. Sherman.

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Why He's Afraid to Say "I Do"
8 things that terrify men when it comes to marriage
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