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Mum's the Word

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

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  • Meredith Quill; Photo by David Noles

    As a twice-pregnant woman, I consider myself an expert on pregnancy dialogue etiquette. (I even started a blog dedicated to the very topic.) So if you know someone who is, or has been, or may one day be pregnant, or if there's a chance you may ever encounter someone who's pregnant, then you'll want to avoid making any and all of these remarks. Because you don't want to piss off a pregnant woman—we're tired, we're cranky, and shhhh (see No. 10) we're hormonal!

    1. "It looks like you've gained about 40 or 50 pounds, right?"

    Women never want to discuss their weight. Why on earth would a pregnant woman (who is probably 40 pounds more than usual) want to talk about hers? It's already terrible that we have to go to the doctor's office every few weeks and step on that cold, unforgiving scale. We certainly don't want to make the information public knowledge.

    2. "Can I touch your belly? It's huge!"

    Would you want me to caress your belly? I didn't think so. I imagine that there is some scientific reason why people think it's OK to touch a woman's pregnant belly—maybe evolutionarily it helped homo sapiens survive? Doubtful, I know, but it is a strange phenomenon that people—who would never touch an un-pregnant belly—feel perfectly comfortable rubbing a pregnant one.

Mum's the Word
10 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman
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