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Mum's the Word

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

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  • 6. "Your belly is so small—is the baby healthy?"

    You may think it's a compliment to say how small a pregnant woman looks, but it's not; I know from experience. For both my babies, I didn't "pop" until I was about seven months pregnant. I was often asked, "How far along are you?" They'd always tell me that I looked so small and ask if the baby was measuring OK. So unless you're an OB, comments like these should be kept entirely to yourself.

    7. "You're definitely having a girl—I can tell from behind."

    All pregnant women know the myth that if you're having a boy, then you carry in the front, and if you're having a girl, then you carry in the tush. It's ridiculous. I had two girls, and I carried both like basketballs stuffed up my shirt. So if you tell a pregnant woman that you think she's having girl, then you're basically telling her that her ass looks fat. We get the subtext!

    8. "You really shouldn't be lifting those bags in your condition."

    Pregnant women are not the delicate flowers some people seem to think they are. Now, I'm not advocating for pregnant woman to bench press 250 pounds, but most women know what their bodies are capable of doing. So if a pregnant woman is unloading groceries, then don't tell her she shouldn't be doing it.

Mum's the Word
10 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman
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