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Must Be Nice…

Nine Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-Home Mom

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  • "You'll never read a book again. Or travel. Or shower!"

    This type of comment, often aimed at the new stay-at-home mom, comes from fellow mothers who are home all day with infants or toddlers. Usually, they're trying to commiserate, not terrify, but sometimes the remarks come off as discouragement rather than camaraderie. "It's that old 'I suffered through it and now it's your turn, so I'm going to let you know how tough it is' thing," says Usdansky. "Parents are almost afraid to emphasize the great things about having children, but if there weren't incredible joys, those same people probably wouldn't have multiple kids!" A gentler way to bond over the shared challenges ahead? Lead in with a simple, "Oh, you have a four-month-old and are staying at home? How's it going for you so far?" suggests Usdanksy.

Must Be Nice…
Nine Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-Home Mom
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