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Rubber Re-Vamp

A Condom Innovation Could Mean Safer Sex

Condom innovation isn't something we hear about often these days, as the current model seems to be working for most people just fine. Florida-based company Grove Medical, however, just came out with Sensis, a new condom that has perhaps changed this form of birth control (and preventer of sexually transmitted infections) in a big way.

The company recently unveiled a new kind of condom with "QuikStrips," which allow users to easily put a condom on without actually touching the condom itself, working much like the pull-off tabs on a band-aid. Basically, the strips expedite the rolling-on process and ensure the condom goes on correctly. Which is a very good thing.

This development comes on the heels of recent research, and commonly regarded opinion, that condoms really aren't that much fun. According to the Sensis website, a recent Kinsey Report claims one third of adults believe that condom use negatively affects the bedroom mood. And they aren't always easy to use either: Another study the website cites shows that 30 percent of college men use condoms incorrectly. We're hoping this new product can comes in handy to fix both of these situations.

For more information, visit the Sensis website, here.

  • This new condom makes suiting-up quick and easy.

Rubber Re-Vamp
A Condom Innovation Could Mean Safer Sex
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