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Second Time Around

Four Couples Who Got Divorced ... Then Remarried Each Other

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  • Leah and Larry Mazur, Panama City, Florida

    Leah and Larry married for the first time in 2004, after dating for several years and having a daughter. However, Leah knew the whole time that her husband had a drug problem that he wouldn't admit to. “He insisted he could handle it, that it was just recreational,” says Leah. But then, after she got pregnant with their son, “it went way downhill.” After leaving the children alone with him only to find out he was using drugs while they were in the house, she made the painful decision to take the kids from their home in Texas and move to Florida, where her mother could help her. Over the next couple of years, they saw each other a few times a year, when he'd visit the children, and they'd fight. “He blamed me for taking the kids away; I blamed him for the drug use ruining everything.” In 2008, Larry hit rock bottom. After he lost his job and house, his one remaining sympathetic sibling took him in and, finally, he kicked his addiction and turned his life around. “When he visited at Christmas that year, I could see the change in him. He was apologetic for all that he had done, and we didn't fight.” Meanwhile, Leah had joined a new church and found the Bible verse “Love is patient, love is kind...” really resonated with her. “I felt like God was talking to me, saying that I'd given up on my husband. I decided to give him another shot.” But there were conditions: Larry had to move to Florida, join her church and there would be no sex unless or until they got married — which they eventually did in December 2009.

    Why it worked the second time around: One word: therapy. “Even without the drugs, there were still problems we had to work through — I had major trouble trusting him, for example. Therapy, which we found through our pastor, helped us realize we could make it." Thornton adds, “Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and if you lost it the first time around [through an affair or a drug problem], you have to work to rebuild it.”

Second Time Around
Four Couples Who Got Divorced ... Then Remarried Each Other
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