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Shacking Up

Questions to ask before you move in together

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  • Who will clean the bathroom?

    I'm not convinced by a recent Norwegian study that found couples who share household chores are more likely to divorce (studies in other countries have found the opposite to be true: Sharing household chores makes for a stronger relationship). But in an article in The Telegraph, a co-author of the Norwegian study does offer this helpful caveat to make sense of its findings: "Maybe it's sometimes seen as a good thing to have very clear roles....There could be less quarrels, since you can easily get into squabbles if both have the same roles and one has the feeling that the other is not pulling his or her own weight."

    This makes sense to me. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, I'm happy to do it, mostly because my idea of a clean bathroom is different from my boyfriend's idea. (He can take laundry and dishes.) All I ask is that he screw the top back on the toothpaste and please, please dry off on the bath mat. There is nothing I like less than puddles on the bathroom floor.

Shacking Up
Questions to ask before you move in together
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