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Shacking Up

Questions to ask before you move in together

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  • How will you split the expenses?

    My boyfriend and I are pretty laid-back about money. Maybe too laid-back. We both tend to pay our respective bills late and don't think twice about the fact that we order in or eat out almost every night. (This is one of the luxuries of being in your mid-30s and without any real responsibilities, i.e. children.) Sometimes I pick up the tab; sometimes he does, especially when it's on the pricier side. I like this setup. There's no real keeping track. It makes us generous with each other.

    But common sense tells me that carrying this vague arrangement into cohabitation could be tricky. As long as our financial situations are comparable, I'm a proponent of going halfsies on the rent and bills. What I can't do is keep track of who spent what on groceries or other odds and ends that vary from week to week, month to month. In this way, I hope we can still continue to be generous with each other.

Shacking Up
Questions to ask before you move in together
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