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Shed the "Shoulds"

A Woman Shares Why She Decided to Stay Single

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  • I have my own consulting business, an active social life, and great relationships with my family. I have a fabulous circle of friends, many of whom have children who adore their Auntie Eleanore. I often have a boyfriend. I support charitable organizations with my money and time, and adore my 11-year-old Yorkie, Danny, who is—contrary to popular myth—a dog and not a substitute child. With all this goodness, how could my being single possibly be a bad thing?

    But still there is the question of what to call us. Old Maid clearly doesn't work because, as the card game of the same name suggests, an Old Maid is a withered old crone with scraggly hair and warts. Then there's bachelorette, which makes me think of cocktails, high heels and unencumbered weekend mornings. Though I lost the status a decade or two ago because of the "youthful" requirement, the attitude is still very much a part of me. How about spinster? It's archaic and charming, and I like it. But it may be a little staid, so I think I'll "plus it up." The moniker for us? Spinsterlicious.

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Shed the "Shoulds"
A Woman Shares Why She Decided to Stay Single
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