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The Truth About Feminism

And why we're bringing it back!

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  • It's probably not a huge surprise that more women (67 percent) than men (47 percent) would adopt the label, with the new definition. But, guys, you don't have to be a minority to care about civil rights. You can be heterosexual and still support marriage equality. You can be a man and be a feminist.

    Even while acknowledging that women in 21st-century America lead much safer and more productive lives than ever before in history, so much remains to be done. (Did Elizabeth Caty Stanton and Susan B. Anthony close shop in 1921, crowing, "We won the vote! What more do we need? Time to disband!"? Hell, no!)

    Not all hard-won rights fought for by earlier women still stand strong. So I consider myself not just a woman, but a feminist. It's about basic equality for women—how could anyone not be a feminist?

    What we are fighting for may seem amorphous: equality in the workplace, the freedom of personal choice—whether or not to marry, to have a child, to remain home or return to work; an end to the constant sexualization and objectification of women, in the media and in their day-to-day lives.

The Truth About Feminism
And why we're bringing it back!
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