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The Truth About Feminism

And why we're bringing it back!

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  • My friend Daniel noted the desperate need for global feminism. "Extend the advances of the West to the rest of the world," he wrote. Rape is used as war tactic and to promote genocide. International women face genital mutilation, acid-throwing, honor killings, bride burning, femicide (in countries with limits on the number of children), and sexual slavery. (There's sexual slavery in the United States as well, yet another horror to be exposed and prosecuted.)

    So today's feminist goals, being amorphous, don't excuse us from the fight—we're needed now, more than ever, to help define feminism and join in the repair of the world. Thankfully, one survey response from the college-age daughter of a friend restored my faith in the continuing vitality and activism of current feminism. She wrote: "I am shocked by the amount of misogynistic behavior I witness and experience, in one of the most liberal cities in the country. I am proud to be an educated woman ... Combatting rape culture is a huge goal of contemporary feminism. In the godforsaken Greek system at school, date rape is incredibly common and not discussed in any kind of serious way. I think a lot of women expect violence to be carried out against them, with good reason. I think we're fighting for access to the means to secure success and safety for all women."

    Feminist or not, my friends and family wrote ultimately of personhood. Feminism doesn't mean equality solely for women. It means equality for everyone.

The Truth About Feminism
And why we're bringing it back!
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