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How to Increase Your Willpower

Proven tips for avoiding temptation

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  • 4. Willpower increases when you eat something good for you.

    It's easier for your body to break down foods that are rich in natural vitamins, fiber and protein than those that aren't so nutritious. And the less work your body has to do, the more energy you have—which makes you less likely to indulge in treats that weigh you down. On the flip side, choosing foods high in fat, sugar, simple carbohydrates and salt only make you crave more of that unhealthy stuff. "It's harder to have willpower when you're eating foods that tell your brain that they're making you feel good," says Bartell. "You can become 'addicted' to the positive feelings you get from eating those foods." Stick to healthy eats and you'll crave junk less often.

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    5. Willpower decreases when you're taking care of your kids.

    When you're careening from one child-related activity to another, your focus is on one thing: your kids. And who has time to think about themselves, let alone eat well, when you're a busy parent? "It could be much easier to make the most convenient choice for a meal versus the healthiest one," says Palinski. Plus, caring for children might leave you feeling burnt out, exhausted or stressed—maybe even all three—which creates the perfect situation to say sayonara to willpower.

How to Increase Your Willpower
Proven tips for avoiding temptation
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