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How to Increase Your Willpower

Proven tips for avoiding temptation

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  • 8. Willpower decreases as you keep saying "no."

    Every time you turn down a doughnut or piece of candy throughout the day, your willpower to resist the next offer lowers. "Willpower is strongest in the morning," says Taylor Ryan, certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant and founder of TheArtofWeightLifting.com. "We all head off to work feeling confident about eating right. As the day wears on, it becomes easy to justify temptation." By quitting time, we're ready to reward ourselves with saying yes to, say, a big scoop of ice cream. "Willpower is like a muscle," says Ryan. "When it's overworked, it weakens."

    9. Willpower increases when you're not too strict.

    Having a bite of cake or sip of a shake proves to yourself that you can enjoy a reasonable portion without bingeing, says Palinski. And that self-trust entitles you to more treats every once in a while. If you never, ever indulge, though, you're denying yourself happiness. "Our bodies are natural pleasure-seekers," says Kate Stefans, a certified nutrition and health coach. "If we keep denying pleasure, our bodies will scream for it." So constantly saying "no" increases the chances that you'll pig out.

How to Increase Your Willpower
Proven tips for avoiding temptation
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