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Single Occupancy

Afraid of living alone for good? Why it may not be so scary after all

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  • But I also had people around, at all times of the day or night, should I want company. At three in the morning, there was always someone in the common room studying (but easily distractible). At four in the afternoon, the scent of freshly baked whole wheat bread wafted through the house, and we'd all slowly emerge from our rooms, migrating to the kitchen, where bread was slathered with butter and honey (which is how I learned that a vegetarian diet does not necessarily mean weight loss).

    Thus, living alone for me has positive connotations. I'm 56, and, except for childhood and adolescence, the years of my marriage, and graduate school, when I lived with my parents to save money, I have always lived alone. Having my own space is such a basic part of my existence that I take it for granted. I label it neither "temporary" nor "lifestyle choice"; it's simply how I'm living now. I've been in and out of relationships, but still I've cherished my own private sanctuary. And I have to face the fact that I might never again find someone with whom I want to share my life and living space.

Single Occupancy
Afraid of living alone for good? Why it may not be so scary after all
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