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10 Sneaky Sex-Drive Stealers

How to get in the mood—and stay there

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  • How to Feel Sexy Again: Tackle the clutter, and other distracting things in your boudoir. "If you and your partner watch too much TV, move it to the living room. If there's a stack of mail or bills, put them in a room that you associate with work, not sleep or sex," recommends Dr. Herbenick.

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    Sex Drive Stealer #2: Anger

    If you're unsure why your sex drive has tanked lately, consider this surprising source: repressed anger. According to Pepper Schwartz, PhD, a psychologist and relationship expert for PerfectMatch.com, it's one of the biggest causes of low sex drive in women. She says, "Women who have a lot of feelings of anger toward their partner—whether it's annoyance that he didn't help around the house or something more serious—don't feel like having sex. Anger quashes all desire."

    How to Feel Sexy Again: "Track down the source of the anger, and deal with it,” advices Dr. Schwartz. Whether it's anger over his lack of empathy or the fact that he didn't do the dishes last night, "don't let anger become toxic to your relationship."

10 Sneaky Sex-Drive Stealers
How to get in the mood—and stay there
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