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10 Sneaky Sex-Drive Stealers

How to get in the mood—and stay there

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  • Sex Drive Stealer #4: The Economy

    Could it be possible that the recession has entered…your bedroom? Indeed, says Dr. Lombardo. Call it a ro-cession (romance + recession) if you like, but the truth is, financial worries can have serious effects on libido. "Worry can deplete any sex drive, and it doesn't have to be about the relationship or sex," explains Dr. Lombardo. "Lately, a lot of my clients who are worried about the economy, losing their jobs, or not being able to retire when they had planned are also complaining of having no desire for physical intimacy. Research shows stress and worry top the causes for low sex drive."

    How to Feel Sexy Again: If you can't make your worries go away, says Dr. Lombardo, try to get a handle on them at least. Instead of lying in bed at night thinking about how much money you lost in the stock market or whether you're going to be able to make your house payment, tell yourself you're only allowed to worry at certain times of the day. "Schedule some time to worry," she says. "This may seem odd, but research shows that doing this will actually decrease your worrying." She adds, "Physical intimacy is a great way to combat stress and worry." So think of sex as a form of therapy.

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10 Sneaky Sex-Drive Stealers
How to get in the mood—and stay there
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