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10 Sneaky Sex-Drive Stealers

How to get in the mood—and stay there

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  • Sex Drive Stealer #5: Unresolved Trauma

    Was your house broken into last year? Did a close relative die recently? Are you still feeling the effects of a traumatic birth—months, years later? "While trauma may have happened in the past, it can continue to affect you, and your sex drive," says Dr. Lombardo. In fact, "some mental health professionals believe that decreased libido should be a necessary diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder."

    How to Feel Sexy Again: "Even though it may have happened in the past, you can address your reaction to the trauma,” she says. When it makes sense, "forgive the person who wronged you." But also forgive yourself. "I often find my clients blame themselves for others' acts." And, do "seek professional assistance if you need to. You and your loved ones deserve it," she says.

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10 Sneaky Sex-Drive Stealers
How to get in the mood—and stay there
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