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So Bad It's Good

Man Finding 101 Crazy Uses for Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress

We've heard stories of women selling their wedding dresses on eBay, or even ripping them to shreds, as a form of divorce therapy. But (until today) we'd never met a man ridding himself of angst via fluffy white tulle. As reported by Jezebel, a man known simply as Kevin from Tucson has started a website titled My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress, where he's documenting 101 "uses" for the gown that his former wife refused to take with her when she left him.

So far, he's put her dress to use in a variety of imaginative ways — as a jump rope and a pasta strainer, for example. He takes suggestions from readers and posts photos of each use on the site. We have to admit that Kevin's blog makes for a pretty creative way to get over one's soon-to-be-ex, and we can't wait to see what he does with the dress next.

  • Would you destroy a wedding dress?

    Jamie Grill/Tetra Images/Corbis
So Bad It's Good
Man Finding 101 Crazy Uses for Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress
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