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So This Is Love?

The Author of "Girl Land" Explores Generational Shifts in Dating

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  • One of the many interesting developments that led me to write my new book, Girl Land, was the discovery that as much as girls have embraced and helped create this new social landscape, a great many of them aren't happy about it. A huge number of girls hunger for the same kind of romantic experiences that my friends and I had enjoyed. Many of them would love the chance to have a boyfriend instead of just a bunch of boy friends.

    Look at all the cultural phenomena that describe and celebrate this ideal: the Twilight books, Taylor Swift's music, Glee. The huge and ever-growing phenomenon of high school prom appeals so much to girls because it lends them—if only for one magical night—the feeling of what a real, old-fashioned date must have been like: an invitation, the boy coming to the door, and a planned activity in which you are, truly, a couple.

    A lot of girls right now are yearning for the deep emotional connections and excitement that come with traditional romance, but they don't know how to get it. They are bitterly disappointed, and they think that the problem lies with the boys, who "aren't interested in these kinds of relationships anymore" and who "have no one to teach them."

So This Is Love?
The Author of "Girl Land" Explores Generational Shifts in Dating
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