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Spare Any Change?

The Ps and Qs of Friends, Family and Money

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  • The Situation: You have one friend who never tips or contributes enough when you go out and you always end up pitching in more money to make up for it.

    In this instance, you really have to decide how much you want to include your friend. Even if she's only shaving off a few dollars each meal, it adds up over time. If you truly enjoy her company, then get out the calculator and be forceful about how much each person is required to contribute when it comes time to pay. "Or maybe this is her way of saying that she can't afford the meals," suggests Rowley. "Try meeting for breakfast or lunch instead of dinner and see if anything changes." If not, it may be best to hang out with her at one of your homes, where no one needs to pull out a wallet.

Spare Any Change?
The Ps and Qs of Friends, Family and Money
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