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Split Happens

How to Deal With a Friend's or Family Member's Divorce

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    There's no denying that divorce is hardest on the couple and their children. But its effects can ripple out into the splitting spouses' social spheres, as well, often leaving friends and family members unsure about what they should say or do when it comes to interacting with the now-split couple. Why is divorce etiquette so tricky?

    "A lot has to do with our own emotional reaction to a close friend or family member's divorce," says Margot Swann, founder and director of Visions Anew, a nonprofit divorce resource for women. "We don't like the picture changing, which makes us feel awkward." Plus, she adds, it might bring up uncomfortable feelings about our own marriage (If it can happen to them…). Here are nine issues that often arise when someone you know divorces, and how to handle them with grace.

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Split Happens
How to Deal With a Friend's or Family Member's Divorce
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