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Split Happens

How to Deal With a Friend's or Family Member's Divorce

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  • Your recently divorced friend is dating again—and you think it's a terrible idea.

    Hold your tongue, at least at first, even if you think it's too soon or that she's making a mistake—because who's to say if it's a mistake? Not you! Swann notes that sometimes newly divorced people like to feel desirable again, and getting back into the dating pool is the easiest way to do this. She may just be testing the waters, flexing her dating muscles, or looking to have a bit of fun.

    Even if you're convinced she's making a mistake (by dating someone who is totally inappropriate, for example), "She's not going to listen to you, anyway," says Lancer. Instead of (fruitlessly) trying to dissuade her from dating, be supportive and positive. "Emphasize how dating in this period of her life is, or should be, a way to learn more about herself and what she eventually wants from a new relationship," says Lancer.

Split Happens
How to Deal With a Friend's or Family Member's Divorce
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