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Study: The Secret to a Healthy, Attractive Glow

  • via The Royal Society

    Yet another reason to eat your veggies: YourTango has reported on a new study in the science journal Biology Letters, which found that the golden glow that comes with a healthy diet makes a person more attractive to others. Researchers digitally adjusted photos of ten males and ten females, varying their skin tones to reflect a diet high in carotenoids (the plant pigment found in carrots, sweet potatoes and leafy greens) versus a diet lacking in carotenoids. Overall, participants rated the carotenoid-enhanced as more attractive.

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    To rule out whether they were choosing the warmer, gold-toned images simply because they liked the color, researchers also included blurred images in both gold and non-gold shades. When participants looked at the blurred images, there was no preference for the "healthy" hue. The takeaway? It's not that people are drawn to warm tone in general, but only when it appears in faces. According to the experts, that's because a warm, golden skin tone indicates a healthy diet, and it's also a sign of overall good health—important factors when choosing a mate.

    Sweet potatoes, anyone?

    Read more on YourTango.

Study: The Secret to a Healthy, Attractive Glow
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