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The Geography of Romance

How where you live affects your love life

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  • In Search of the Small-Town City

    While the wilds of Alaska might appeal to the adventure-seeking type or someone looking for a major life overhaul, it's not for everyone, including me. Given that I'm 30 and don't have children, my boyfriend and I might not find common ground with couples our own age in the country, many of whom are on their second kid, according to the research.

    Cities in general have a larger population of unmarried people, who tend to get hitched later in life. The good news is that once these later-in-lifers make it official, they tend to stay married; while ten percent of men living in Arkansas have been married three or more times, only two percent of men in New York, where the majority of the population lives in cities, can say the same.

    Which is not to say that huge cities like New York are the best places to live romantically speaking. (I can vouch for this.) Although the statistics look favorable, a high rate of men who stay married might not necessarily mean that there are a lot of available men looking to settle down. Instead, it could indicate that the good ones are already taken, and the rest of the men are looking to just have fun.

The Geography of Romance
How where you live affects your love life
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