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The Geography of Romance

How where you live affects your love life

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  • Remembering that Money and Quality of Life Count

    When looking for love, people tend to focus on immediate gratification rather than long-term satisfaction. My boyfriend and I might be able to scrape by just fine in New York, but we barely have any savings. If something were to happen to either one of us—an accident, or even just a root canal—we would be under severe financial strain. For more reliable long-term happiness, it probably makes sense for us to move to the kind of place where we're not living paycheck to paycheck.

    Rather than looking at statistics about marriage and divorce, Rent.com considered quality of life, cost of living, mean annual income, unemployment rates and (naturally) rental inventory when choosing the ten "Best Places To Live For Newlyweds," a list that was topped by Austin, Raleigh, Dallas, Kansas City, and Houston. Given that money is the number one thing that couples fight about (according to a 2012 survey by the American Institute of CPAS), then thinking about the literal bottom line on where you live is essential.

    It stands to reason that such factors also matter for singles looking for love. The more financially secure a man or woman is, the more time—and energy—they have to focus on relationships.

The Geography of Romance
How where you live affects your love life
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