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The Geography of Romance

How where you live affects your love life

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  • But quality of life is more than just being financially secure. It's also about living in a community where your commute is easy, your friends are like-minded and you don't have to worry about factors such as crime, substance abuse and bad weather. (Is that too much to ask?)

    In Richard Florida's 2008 book, Who's Your City, he psychologically profiles areas around the United States to determine the best places to live for your personality type. According to his research, although the areas around New York, Chicago and Pittsburgh offer myriad attractions, they are also the highest centers for neuroticism. But there's more. Florida also looked at areas where people were open to experience, a personality type that's associated with being creative, innovative and entrepreneurial (in other words, my kind of people). The regions that had the highest concentration of these open-to-experience individuals were in Austin, Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Seattle, southern Florida and... New York.

The Geography of Romance
How where you live affects your love life
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